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Days of Awe

We’re finishing up Achy Obejas’ lovely and inspiring book, Days of Awe, about Alejandra San Jose’s journey through family and Cuban history, and the balance of identity as she struggles with being Cuban, Jewish and American. Its hard to sum up this book briefly, but a few words do easily come to mind: lyrical, sexy, poetic.

We invite you to read along with us. If you have already read it, we encourage you to revisit it and join us.

On New Year’s Day, 1959, Alejandra San Jose was born in Havana entering the world through the heart of the revolution. Fearing turmoil in Cuba, her parents decide to flee to the U.S. ending up in Chicago. As an adult, Ale returns to her homeland and begins exploring identity, as she uncovers family history.

Days of Awe is also on sale at Tianguis.

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